Art+Feminism CT

Schedule of Events

Welcome to the Day of Digital Scholarship practice session, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, February 18! All sessions will be hosted in Zoom breakout rooms, and you will need to pre-register to attend the event.

The following sessions will be running concurrently at 4 pm:

  • Digital Scholarship Platforms
  • Control Your Digital Identity
  • RIT Program Highlights

Click on the February 18 link below to register, and make sure to select which session you would like to attend to start. After the program starts, you will be able to move between the different sessions.

Live Sessions

Recorded Sessions

LITS 103 Seminar Room

CET - LITS 114

CET - LITS 115

LITS 122 and 124

Thursday, February 18

CET Location 1

Wednesday, March 3

CET Location 2

Thursday, March 4

CET Location 3

Friday, March 5

CET Location 4

CET Location 5

DSS Location 1

DSS Location 2