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The overall project is to develop a model course focused on the very large topic of colonialism and anti-colonialism in the Caribbean.  Of course, no single course could do justice to a topic of this scope and complexity.  So, the course is envisioned as focusing, in its possible different iterations, on a particular region of the Caribbean.  For instance, in one case, the course might focus on the Caribbean coast of Central America.  In a different case, the focus could be on Jamaica.  Another version might focus on Trinidad, and so on.

Students would learn about the history of colonialism and anti-colonialism in a particular sector of the Caribbean and would use story-mapping tools to provide an historical narrative comprised of text, images, and maps for that Caribbean region.

The ideal outcome would be for the course to generate, over the semesters, a growing collection of such narratives that would be helpful for students and other non-specialists interested in some aspect(s) of colonialism and anti-colonialism in the Caribbean.  These could be linked to the College’s Center for Caribbean Studies website as a resource. 

What you see at is a yet incomplete effort at using the ArcGIS story mapping program to provide an historical narration of colonialism and anti-colonialism in Haiti.  Much more research needs to be done and much more content (texts, images, maps) needs to be added to complete this portion of this work-in-progress.

The current plan is also to develop a syllabus for an iteration of the course that would focus on Haiti and to continue to work with Cait Kennedy of the College’s IT department at learning how to use the tools provided by ArcGIS.  Your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

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Story mapping colonialism in the Caribbean
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