Daniel Lenois – Class of 2025

The bisexual movement of the late twentieth century in America caused bi+ health to be globally acknowledged by caretakers only recently. One of the goals of the bisexual movement was to combat monosexism, which is the prejudice that sexuality is a binary consisting of only heterosexuality or homosexuality. The four main pillars of monosexism are heterosexism, the questioning of bisexual identities’ legitimacy, bisexual sexual deviation, and the stigma of bisexual unloyalty, which all contribute to the erasure and oppression of the bi+ community (Yoshino, 2000). This collection reveals stories from the LGBTQ+ community, but also exposes issues regarding sexism and racism, which still impacts our modern healthcare system and its bi+ patients. Hopefully, an exploration of bi+ history will incite further acceptance and of multisexual identities and improve their care.

Monosexism and Its Impact on Bi+ Health

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Stories from the LGBTQ+ community
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