Enock Niyonkuru – Class of 2024

Project 1: Addressing Malnutrition in Rwanda
I would love to present the community action project I did in Summer 2021 in a rural part of Rwanda where 64% of children were malnourished. I was addressing malnutrition in children under 5 years old. I spent a week working with the local health center and community health workers to do a cooking workshop on how to cook a balanced diet using local crops.

Project 2:The Diagnosis Software Company (AI to provide access to healthcare)

In grades 11 &12, I interned in three hospitals in Rwanda, where I interacted with patients daily and worked with top specialists. I realized the big problem in my county, as well as in other developing countries, was that we had a limited number of doctors per patient. It took so long to get an appointment, and diseases would often go to the next stage.

This sparked my interest in Healthcare, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. As I attend school in the US, I look forward to using the skills I acquired to provide an entrepreneurial approach solution. While pursuing a BS in Computer Science, I allocate my internships in healthcare data analytics companies like Jackson Lab for Genomic medicine. I have also been selected to be part of the Meta Data Science mentorship program where I am exposed to real-life data analytics projects. My goal is to acquire different skills so that I can be able to use AI to analyze, diagnose, and improve healthcare delivery. Though I cannot double the number of doctors in Rwanda, in the next five years I can build software that will be able to help the current physicians and medical practitioners deliver quality healthcare to many and more accurately.

I have a dream of creating a business that will integrate both Technology (AI) to diagnose and increase healthcare delivery to many at a cheap cost. After my internship at Jackson Lab f, and taking classes in Deep Learning, I have started to work on projects of designing software that diagnoses cancerous diseases, increases other different common diseases, and working with different physicians to design a product that will be able to diagnose patients depending on the information they will provide to it.

My dream is to reduce the health inequality both among people of color and in developing countries who don’t have money to get diagnosed with some diseases. My product will be able to diagnose some common diseases, and if it is a red flag for a more complex disease, it will be able to advise you to look for a doctor. I saw many people who had cancer, getting to another stage of incurable just because they were late-diagnosed, or because it was too expensive or too so long to get an appointment to get a doctor’s appointment.

I have started to work with my professors at Trinity, Jackson Lab, and the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda to work on this project. Furthermore, I have a dream to have the first phase by my senior year as I work with different professionals in Healthcare and Computer Science fields. My dream is to live in a world where quality healthcare can be accessible to everyone through my product/software.

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