What is Day of Digital Scholarship?

Miling around

The Day of Digital Scholarship is a yearly event that highlights the work Trinity students, faculty, and staff have made with digital tools. This may take the form of artworks, research projects, or other forms of digital scholarship.  

We encourage sharing completed works as well as works in progress, created either in or outside of the classroom. 

This year’s event will be held Wednesday, April 17, 2024 from 3 pm – 6 pm in the LITC Center for Digital Learning (CDL) on Level 1. Sign up to present your work!

Presentation options

There are a few ways you can present your work, including: 

Casual Question and Answer Style (Poster Session Style Presentation)   

  • This 5-minute presentation will resemble an interactive computer-based poster-session presentation. We will set you up to stand by your project (whether projected on a screen, etc.) and share your work with visitors walking around the event space. You should be able to describe what your project is, the process you used to make it, and what inspired you. If you’re still working on it, you may want to have a question or two ready to ask visitors to gain the benefit of their feedback.   

Short Talk  

  • This is a good option for faculty, students, or staff who are unable to present in person at the event but would still like to share a discussion of their work. In a brief (5 minutes or less) video, you can share your project and talk about the process of making it, its intended audience, uses, or other elements of your project design.   

Group Presentation  

  • This brief presentation will allow speakers to share their work, and discuss the process used to create it, the intention, and the outcome. For works in progress, it can also be a place to ask for feedback from the audience. These talks can be combined with other related projects or other work into groups that share a common theme. This is a great option for faculty who may want to present with students on a digital assignment, or students who collaborated on a project together. This would also be a good option for student clubs or groups who want to share work not related to a class. An example might be a club who wants to present on their use of social media for a campaign, etc.  

Screening of Film or other media  

  • We welcome student and faculty filmmakers who want to share a short film or a work in progress. We will make space available for screening and a questions/answer session. We also welcome podcast projects, sound projects, or other media works (completed or in progress).  


  • Did you build a robot, an app, or other project you want to show off and demonstrate? This is the option for you.  
  • Other (Recommend a presentation style you don’t see here) 

What will you see at Day of Digital Scholarship?  

We invite the entire campus to walk around our space and take in great digital work by faculty, students, and staff. Participants can choose from any of the above formats (or suggest a new format). Guests can explore our spaces (story labs, 3d printer space, CDL) and discover great work and learn how they can get started making their own. This is a small sample of some of the work we’ve been proud to share at Day of Digital Scholarship:  

  • across the pond and then some by Hannah Ward ‘21. This podcast documents the experiences of international students at Trinity.
  • Curious Connecticut by Max Norteman. A multimedia podcast focusing on the unique, unknown, and fascinating history in the Constitution State. 
  • Groups of students presenting on assignments they’ve created together for a class. Standing by a screen projecting their work, they share the assignment, their approach, and their reflections on the process with guests as they move through our space.  
  • A senior film major shared his thesis film project as a work in progress.  
  • Faculty shared research projects, both in progress and completed works.  
  • Faculty presented great digital assignments they’ve designed along with the students how completed them. See the Circulation Map Project
  • Student artists shared portfolios of digital work. See Stefania Ruibal, Mill Zine

Check out these photos from previous events