My RHET-125 Writing in a Digital World class focuses on the ways that writing happens in digital environments: how writing circulates and travels across spaces and situations, how it complicates ideas of plagiarism and originality, and how the tools we use shape, and are shaped by, the audiences and contexts we write for/in.

For this project, students work in groups of 3 or 4 in order create digital compositions that will be benefit an organization on campus or in the surrounding community. Students identify a campus and/or community organization they want to work with, and reach out to ask to create at least three different kinds of texts for them based on the needs that they have.

After designing and producing the three texts, students then circulate the texts on behalf of that organization, which they then track in order to critically reflect on whether or not the texts were successful in achieving their purposes. 

This project gives students an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge we’ve been developing all semester into practice. Through hands-on practical writing experience, they are better able to understand which major digital writing concepts have been most helpful to them (and which have not). This project also asks students to engage in the professional experience of working with an organization in order to see/use those concepts into the real world. Students learn about some professional skills like cold-calling, compromising, and learning to work with design software and platforms based on the needs of their campaign and organization.

This projected is associated with the course: RHET-125

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