My RHET-125 Writing in a Digital World class focuses on the ways that writing happens in digital environments: how writing circulates and travels across spaces and situations, how it complicates ideas of plagiarism and originality, and how the tools we use shape, and are shaped by, the audiences and contexts we write for/in.

For this project, students choose an artifact (e.g. a word, a phrase, a meme, a song, an image, an event, etc.) that has been circulated; track the circulation of the artifact and analyze how its meaning, or even the artifact itself, has changed as it has circulated through different environments; and then present this analysis digitally in the form of a map.

The goal of this project is to help students better understand the process of digital circulation by illustrating and explaining how an artifact that has circulated through different digital and print environments has been affected by its path (or paths) through different genres, media, audiences, environments, and contexts. Students can discuss the ways that the meaning of the artifact has changed or even the ways that the artifact itself has been changed.

This projected is associated with the course: RHET-125

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