This is a website dedicated to the history and evolution of Greek Life on Trinity College campus. I decided to create a digital platform that encompasses the history and major changes that have been made within Greek Life over the past 60 years. I offer an in-depth analysis by the decade of Greek Life that has been featured in both the Trinity Tripod the school newspaper and the Trinity IVY yearbook publications dating back to 1950.

Greek Life has been featured on campus since as early as 1850 and has evolved greatly since then. From the addition of many fraternities still active in 2019 to including sororities after the college went Co-ed in 1969 a lot has changed on campus. I have documented and researched the Greek Organizations that have left campus, converted, or joined recently over a couple of decades and tracked how each has differed and the major events that happened within each.

This projected is associated with the course: AMST-306

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