This project uses knightlab timelines on a squarespace website for the magazine covers of House & Garden and House Beautiful between the 1940s-2010s. I created this website for my AMST-306 Digital Humanities class in the fall of 2019, however I am still adding to and working on the website to improve it. The inspiration behind this website is my passion for interior design which has led to two internships in the past two summers, and I wanted to go deeper into an analysis of such a large part of interior design which includes photo shoots, appearing on magazine covers, and following the trends of each decade and style. I assisted as an intern on a photo shoot for an interior design firm in the summer of 2019 which also majorly contributed to the reasoning behind building this website. The question I aimed to answer in this project is as follows:

Did these two magazines (and others) influence or create the trends and styles of each decade and time, or were they simply advertising and utilizing the already present trends to their benefit?

This projected is associated with the course: AMST-306

Website: squarespace with timeline and analysis of interior design magazine covers:

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