This website is an ePortfolio showing off the things I did and projects I worked on the semester of Fall 2018 in the class RHET-125, “Writing for a Digital World.” These include a Circulation Map made in Prezi, which shows the rhetorical circulation of the podcast The Adventure Zone, an Assemblage video comparing Donald Trump and Biff Tannen, and a Transmedia project for the organization Protect Our Breasts. There is also a selection of blog posts and a personal reflection on my time during the course.

The website is hosted on Trinity’s servers, and was created using the popular tool WordPress, using a heavily customized “Retro” theme. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, and Back to the Future is my favorite movie. As such, I felt the website would benefit from an ’80s sci-fi design, reflecting my interests and personality. I made the logo in the image editor Paint.NET and also created a tiling starfield texture for the background. I liked the look of the neon green box around entries (and for links) and decided upon white text against a black background for maximum visibility while keeping with the theme.

If I were to change anything about the site, I would probably try to find a similar retro theme that allowed me to do more with the space on either side of the main content. As it is, it doesn’t easily support side lists, widgets, or search bars, only showing the text that is presented in the center. I consider this project done, though I have a similarly themed website where I might continue posting things in the future as I work on other projects.

This projected is associated with the course: RHET-125

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