My group and I were required to pick an organization on campus or in the community to work with. This project required that we use the knowledge we have acquired over the semester in creating spreadable media. We were tasked with first reaching out to possible organizations and then picking one to create three texts for. These texts had to be catered to the organization’s needs and already established brand. After creating texts for a chosen organization we also were required to track the circulation and success of our texts. My group worked with Protect Our Breasts, an organization to raise awareness about harmful chemicals that are in everyday products and food that contribute to breast cancer. Protect Our Breasts has a chapter on Trinity’s campus that we created texts for. Throughout the year, Protect our Breasts partners with “clean” companies to promote awareness of “clean” choices to make in regards to the foods we eat and products we use. We worked with them during the month of December when they were partnered with Justin’s, an organic chocolate company. Our campaign also fell over the time of exams so we created texts targeted towards Trinity students to be aware of what they are snacking on while they are studying, and offered them healthier alternatives. We created a print and digital flyer, an Instagram and Facebook post, and a four part Instagram post for Protect Our Breasts.

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