This podcast was created as an assignment for our Child Development course to provide advice to parents covering a topic we had discussed in class. We chose to focus our advice on how to talk to young children about sex and sexuailty. It was a semester long project that included many stages of research, editing, recording, and just when you thought you were done, much more editing.

I was extraordinarily lucky to be paired with my group members, Samantha Tarpley, Jess Semblante, Mia Conte, and Mercy Togba. We were a cohesive, patient, and hard-working group, and the overall experience made the project that much more enjoyable. The initial inspiration for the topic was based off of my own personal interest in sex education advocacy, but our final research question was developed as a result of our own individual research and collaboration.

The podcast you are listening to now is our finished work, although as I listen to my voice through the speakers, I wish there were parts I could edit out. If we had to do this project over again, I would not change a single thing about our group, the process, or the product (despite my previous comment). I hope the research we conducted here and advice we provided will reach parents looking for guidance, or for anyone wanting to reflect on their own conversations about sex and sexuality. Enjoy!

This projected is associated with the course: PSYC-295

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